Euro Pool Group gets its own logo and tagline

In 2011 Euro Pool System acquired LPR, and both companies became operational divisions of the ‘Euro Pool Group’. As these divisions are most visible in the market, there was no urgent need to create a brand identity for the group. But since we are more and more developing joint activities, the demand for a group positioning and house style grew. In this newsletter we proudly present you the new logo and tagline for Euro Pool Group.

A tagline with shared values
To position ourselves on a group level, we will use the tagline ‘Sharing the benefits of returnable packaging’. It is our promise to the market in which the values of both EPS and LPR are combined. That goes beyond the mere sharing of crates and pallets between all parties in the supply chains. With ‘sharing the benefits’ we also mean sharing our services and expertise with all parties in the chain. And creating synergy between EPS and LPR, by exchanging ideas, expertise and values.

A logo that serves both divisions
The new group logo is simple and modest in both its design and colour. This is deliberately done to create a clear brand hierarchy, where the (grey) group ’serves’ the (blue and red) divisions and let them stand out. Also the triangle form that binds both division logos is reflected in the group logo, which could be seen as the house of EPS and LPR. On the business cards you can see how well the different logos work together.

The new group logo will be implemented on many of our communication means. This is a step-by-step process, starting with our business cards and our websites. The next phase is the development of (corporate) presentations, company movies, advertisements and so on. More on that in our next newsletter!