New SharePoint for the Group

Do you find it difficult to find that specific document for your department or the latest news about your division? Then we have good news for you. In the last quarter of this year you can easily find the information you need with our new, more user friendly SharePoint based system. Moreover, it will make it easier to get in contact with your colleagues all over Europe, whether you work at Euro Pool System, LPR or Euro Pool Group. SharePoint will be also introduced in LPR as a the new Intranet as well as document management system.

Since we know that Euro Pool Group stands for sharing the benefits of returnable packaging, SharePoint will certainly be a tool that will support you in sharing knowledge and news with your colleagues. As a result we are convinced that international cooperation within the departments will improve with this tool.


  • One group One system
    Both Euro Pool System and LPR will be using this system. While a lot will remain separate, SharePoint will make sharing information between both companies easier and quicker.

  • Secure saving on one site
    Sharepoint will be designed to accommodate all departments and their document storage systems. By the use of specific tags in the system these documents can easily be shared and above all well secured. The new Sharepoint page will allow departments to have their own space and store their documents, evaluate suppliers or see the tasks for their departments.

  • Quick and efficient tailor made view
    Right as you open your SharePoint page it will show what is relevant for you. Whether it’s the news about your division, department or the latest documents. It will only show what you need to know.

  • Access for all
    Sharing documents with depot managers, informing them about new policies or work instructions, have been up until now done by printed versions. Our new SharePoint will be designed to allow access from the depots. One platform where we can share and receive information with and from the depots.

  • Finding documents
    Document searches can be more specific thanks to the use of multiple search fields. Next to an easier and quicker document search tool it will be possible to narrow down your search results by the use of tags. This way you will only have to go through a handful of documents instead of hundreds.

  • Quick access to knowledge centre
    The new SharePoint site will give you a quick access to our knowledge centre. Buttons based on our business process and products have been built into the system. So no long searches in many different files, but just one button click away.