Safe packaging is critical to food safety

Packaging used for foodstuffs must offer consumers absolute safety guarantees and peace of mind. They should be able to enjoy fresh produce in the fullest confidence that no harmful substances are transferred by the packaging material. Safeguarding food safety is high on the agenda at Euro Pool System, the market leader in logistic service provision in the European fresh food supply chain. EPS food packaging is subjected to regular inspections and analysis to ensure safety and the results demonstrate that reusable trays are safe. Extra hygiene guarantees are provided by a strictly controlled washing process.

HDPE releases no substances

 The trays are made from HDPE (which stands for high-density polyethylene) a material that contains no harmful softeners or heavy metals and releases no harmful substances when exposed to high temperatures. These properties make HDPE safe for both humans and the environment. HDPE is identifiable by the logo featuring the code 2. This code also appears on the packaging.

Analysis in compliance with European standards

Migration testing performed by Intertek Polychemlab B.V. on behalf of Euro Pool System confirms that reusable trays are a safe form of food packaging. These tests demonstrate compliance with the standards established in the relevant European regulation (1).

Trays cleaned after every use

Using the correct material is just one aspect of safety. Reusable packaging has to be spotlessly clean and hygienic, as fruit and vegetables transported in the trays can carry undesirable viruses and bacteria. The risk of spreading any pathogens via the packaging must be prevented at all times. After each use, Euro Pool System ensures that the trays are cleaned at specialised service centres where stringent DIN10522 hygiene standards apply.

Safe and clean packaging material

We provide growers, packers and retailers with hygienic and clean reusable trays that are an absolutely safe packaging material for food. This guarantee will help boost consumer confidence in all the fresh produce they eat and enjoy.


(1) Certificate of Conformity with the Requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011: Concerning plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, 2014