Sharing knowledge in the HR Leadership Program

Last June 34 colleagues from both EPS and LPR travelled from all over Europe to an unusual hot Amsterdam to participate in the HR leadership program. With a combination of fun, team building activities and classroom training all participants had a great learning experience and a received a broader knowledge of the activities and challenges both EPS and LPR are dealing with.

The last day was all about working together during a classroom training, given by Thomas Hellwig from INSEAD. The goal was to do a virtual exercise, since this is something we all deal with on a daily basis. Not everything went without “problems”, but that’s a good thing. This way everybody had some learning experience, which in the end is the main objective.

Ella Reinard, secretary EPG and co-organizer of the program: “I think we can say the first module was a big success. Everybody learned a lot, collaboration increased and it was fun as well. Let’s see what the next module in December 2015 will bring!”